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Collierville Arts Academy Adult Classes for ages 18+ & Seniors Ages 55+
in Dance, Martial Arts, Fine Arts, Music, Fencing, & Fitness & Wellness.

Our instructors have years of professional teaching experience, training certifications, and a deep understanding of the needs and expectations of adult students.  

Our classes are well-structured, well-managed, and offer our students a positive environment where they can develop confidence in their abilities, cultivate friendships, and achieve measurable goals.

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Adults Age 18-54 and Seniors Age 55+
Class Descriptions

Our regular class season runs August through May, similar to a regular academic school year.

Adult students are often uncertain where to begin the journey back to class or may feel uncertain how to join a new class, or begin a new hobby, or return to a former hobby.  Our instructors will gladly schedule a no obligation, free placement class for you to help determine the correct class. Call our office at 901-861-7001 for more information on class placement.

Adults may join our Fitness & Wellness Classes year round.  We don't have gym membership contracts to offer you, but we will give you outstanding quality workouts, help you stay motivated and enthusastic, and we will give you a community of support to help you achieve your goals.

We have a convenient, in-studio boutique that supplies our students with dance shoes, exercise clothing, martial arts uniforms, products, gift ideas and more.  Our staff is ready to help you get the items you may need for your classes so you will feel prepared and confident on day one.

The Grind 5:30AM (ages 16-adults/50 minute class)is the ultimate early morning workout that offers a complete full-body workout that has a different theme each day of the week such as a high intensity interval training workout, a functional fitness workout, metabolic training workout, and kickboxing for fat burn. Lose fat, tone your muscles, get firm, trim, and feel great with Coach Terry Johnson at The Grind Workout Monday-Friday.

Ultimate Fitness Workout (ages 18+) & (Seniors Age 55+) (45-minute class offered daily Mon-Fri)  Our early morning fitness workouts are designed to be adaptable for all fitness levels and are led by experienced and certified professionals. Early morning workouts include a variety of exercises each week to keep the workouts fresh and exciting. We include proper full body warm ups, strengthening, flexibility, metabolic work for fat burn, H.I.T.T., pilates mat, free weights, ropes, and so much more! Come try the difference being a member of our fitness family will make in your accountability to your workouts and your fitness goals.

Fusion Kickboxing (Ages 18+) (45 min class) A total body workout that begins with a complete warmup, a full 30-minute kickboxing intensive workout that incorporates all the best from East to West. This workout targets everything you need for a total workout package including arms, chest, back, core, and ends with a proper cool-down. 

Reflextion Wellness for Adults (Ages 18+) & (Ages 55+) A 30-minute relaxing and calming class focused on improving flexibility, relieving muscle tension and removing stress from the whole body. All fitness levels are welcome.

Iron Mat Workout (Ages 18+) A wonderful 45 minute workout that begins with a gentle full body warmup which moves into pilates mat-work and ends with a very quick burst of metabolic work to elevate the fat burn for the entire body. We use light free weights and other exercise props during some exercises for a great whole body workout that delivers fitness results without heavy impact on joints.   

Beginning Ballet for Adults (ages 18+) & (Seniors Age 55+) (45-minute class/1x/weeK) Students will learn proper ballet dance technique at the barre, center and across-the-floor using combinations of steps from our beginning dance syllabus.

Beginning Tap for Adults (ages 18+)  & (Seniors Age 55+) (45min class/1x/week) Students will learn beginning tap dance technique at the barre, center, across-the-floor and in combinations of steps from our intermediate tap syllabus. A wide range of music will be used to offer students opportunities to study different types of tap dance styles throughout the season.

Intermediate Ballet for Adults (ages 18+) (1 hour class/1x/weeK) Students will cover intermediate ballet dance technique at the barre, center and across-the-floor using combinations of steps from our intermediate ballet syllabus. 

Intermediate Tap for Adults (ages 18+) (45min class/1x/week) Students will cover intermediate tap dance technique at the barre, center, across-the-floor and in combinations of steps from our intermediate tap syllabus. A wide range of music will be used to offer students opportunities to study different types of tap dance styles throughout the season.

Learn To Fence (LTF) (Ages 10-Adults) is where ALL new fencing students begin! It is a one-time introductory class for ages 10-99+, boys/girls, male/female. It is taught by Coach Thomas Knowles, National Fencing Finalist and Certified Professional Coach/Director. This 1.5 hrs long class introduces students to fencing history and presents sound foundational positions, instills proper movements, and begins teaching correct blade skills. LTF students also get to handle all of the equipment we use when fencing. Most fun of all, LTF students get a chance to Fence during their FIRST class! The purpose of this class is to answer most, if not all, questions that beginners have by introducing the basics of modern fencing and bringing it together by sparring at the end of the hour. By the end of the class, the student WILL KNOW if this is something they'd like to develop, train, and ultimately, compete in - as a personal sport hobby. For MORE information on this awesome opportunity - click here!

SwordMasters Fencing (ages 18+) offers adult fencers the opportunity to train at an intense level with an eye towards dominating in competition. Mastery of the competitive fencing process is one of the major program goals. With that in mind, training encompasses serious fencing-oriented conditioning and stretching while progressively moving through exercises that instill coordination and balance management. We will firmly build endurance and stamina - all the while layering in a flexible distillation of tactics/game theory concepts designed to strengthen competitive adaptation. Additionally, SwordMasters will create healthy self-analysis constructs in order to encourage comprehension, optimal variation and meaningful learning from losses so that improvement becomes inevitable. Note: New adult-age students must complete a Learn to Fence class prior to joining the SwordMasters Fencing program.

Tigers Karate (ages 18+) (1 hour class up to 3 times per week) Our Karate class for beginning martial arts students helps to develop self-defense, discipline, and confidence through achievement for adults. Students will earn belt rankings as they progress through our syllabus.

Muay Thai (Ages 18+) Our Muay Thai martial arts instruction provides a disciplined approach that offers excellent health benefits, strength, flexibility, combined with speed and agility. Muay Thai offers students self-defense skills and improves self confidence. Students will earn belt rankings they progress through their training. 

SilverBlades Fencing (Ages 55+) class offers students age 55 and older a vibrant competitive activity that works the body and the brain! Learning to fence and competing demands focus, dynamic problem-solving, and a get-up-and-go attitude to ensure success. Believe it or not, in the world of Fencing, competitive age groups are classified for folks into their 80s! Plus, there is wheelchair and seated fencing opportunities for those who do not have the mobility of their youth. Come, give Fencing a try - take a FREE Trial SilverBlades Fencing class and then make up your mind. It just might be what you're looking for!

Private Music Lessons (Ages 18+) (Seniors Ages 55+) Please call our office at 901-861-7001 to arrange a complimentary interview with a music instructor. This interview allows you to meet with an instructor and to answer all the questions you may have about our private music lessons. We offer private instruction in piano, organ, keyboards, all style of acoustic and electric guitar, bass guitar, most band instruments, and vocal lessons.

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