Teen Classes Ages 13-17

Collierville Arts Academy Teen Classes for ages 13-17 years old
are available in Dance, Martial Arts, Fine Arts, Music, Fencing, Acting, 
Modeling, Personal Development, Fitness & Wellness.

Our instructors have years of professional teaching experience, training certifications, and a deep understanding of the physical and mental development of this age group. Our classes are well-structured, well-managed, and offer our students a positive environment where they can develop confidence in their abilities, cultivate friendships, and achieve measurable goals.

Our dance program alumni have gone on to perform with the American Ballet Theatre, Joffrey Ballet, the  Julliard School,  Broadway Musicals, DisneyWorld and many more.

Our martial arts and fencing program alumni have gone on to State Regional, and National Championships, the Jr. Olympics, the North American Cup Finals, &  numerous college and universities including Vanderbilt, Baylor, and West Point.

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Teen Class Descriptions for Ages 13-17

Our regular class season runs August through May, similar to a regular academic school year.

Students ages 13-17 are enrolled by skill level first.  Our instructors will gladly schedule a no obligation, free placement class for your student to help determine the correct class. Call our office at 901-861-7001 for more information on class placement for ages 13-17.

Parents may always observe classes from our lobby area or through our studio camera monitors.  

All classes at Collierville Arts Academy have a dress code or uniform that must be purchased from our in-studio boutique upon enrollment for classes. Our dress code and uniform items are quality products at a very resonable prices. 

Teen Beg. Ballet & Jazz (Ages 13-17) (1 hour class/1x per week) Beginning teen students will learn proper ballet and jazz dance technique at the barre, center and across-the-floor using combinations of steps from the beginning level of our dance syllabus. This is a great starting place for the older beginning student who really wants to learn how to dance in a comfortable and age-appropriate class setting. Students will begin learning stage direction, aspects of dance showmanship, and acting/pantomime skills to help enhance their dance and open a new dimension of creativity to their dance. Students will perform in our annual Student Showcase in May at Harrell Theatre.

Level 6 Ballet (Ages 13-17) (1.5 hour classes/2x per week required) Level 6 Intermediate/Advanced students move deeper into their artistry and mastery of classical ballet techniques at the barre, center and across-the-floor using combinations of steps from the intermediate/advanced level of our ballet syllabus. Pointe work is integrated into the weekly lessons. Level 6 Ballet students will perform roles in the Collierville Ballet production of The Nutcracker in December and will perform in our annual Student Showcase in May at the Harrell Theatre.

Int/Advanced Jazz & Tap Dance (Ages 13-17) (1 hour class/1x per week) Intermediate and advanced level dance students will cover the traditional jazz and tap techniques, lyrical, hip hop, musical theatre and Broadway style jazz and tap dance techniques. Students will work in center-floor, across-the-floor and longer center floor combinations will help to further develop their artistry and musicality. This class offers a variety of musical styles, engaging choreography. Emphasis is placed on developing showmanship, stage confidence, and artistic stage presence. Students will perform in our annual Student Showcase in May at the Harrell Theatre. 

Level 7 & 8 Ballet (Ages 13-17) (1.5 hour classes/3-4x per week) Advanced ballet students move deeper into their artistry and mastery of classical ballet techniques at the barre, center and across-the-floor using combinations of steps from the intermediate/advanced level of our ballet syllabus. Pointe work is integrated into our weekly class training schedule and students also have pointe and variations class each week. A minimum of class three days per week is required at this level of classical ballet training.

Pointe & Variations Class (Ages 13-17) (1 hour class/1x per week) A pointe and variations class for our Level 6-8 ballet students. This class trains in classical repertoire throughout the season and perform variations in the annual student Showcase in May at the Harrell Theatre. Some of our pre-professional students will select to attend prestigious ballet competitions including YAGP, World Ballet Competition and among others during the season.

Advanced Jazz & Tap (Ages 13-17) (1 hour class/1x per week)  Our Advanced Jazz & Tap class includes traditional jazz and tap technique at the barre, center-floor and across-the-floor. Combinations of jazz & tap steps develop in complexity and sophistication throughout the season as the students' skills improve. Students work with challenging isolations, progressions, and various styles of jazz and tap dance throughout the season including lyrical, hip hop, Broadway Musical Theatre tap, to expand their personal repertoire. Students will work on  longer progressions, dynamic level changes, leaps, and multiple turns throughout the season to build their strength and technical ability. This class will perform in our annual Student Showcase at the Harrell Theatre in May.

Advanced Contemporary & Modern Dance (Ages 13-17) (1 hour class/1x per week)  (1 hour class/1x per week) Advanced students move deeper into their artistry and mastery of contemporary jazz and modern dance techniques at the barre, center and across-the-floor using combinations of steps from the advanced level of our lyrical and jazz dance syllabus. Inspiring music, creative choreography, and the enriching spirit of this class makes lyrical and jazz dance a terrific artistic expression for teens. This class will perform in our annual Student Showcase in May at the Harrell Theatre.

Hip Hop & Jazz (Ages 12-17) (45 min/ 1x week) is a great class for beginning and intermediate level dancers who want the freedom to move to the hip hop groove! This is a jazz dance based class that teaches proper terminology and correct dance technique while offering the dancer a high energy urban dance style. Enjoy ol' school, new school, and fresh hip hop beats paired with hot new electronic grooves - this class has everything a natural dancer is looking for in a technique class. Dancers may wear comfortable clothing to move in and clean athletic shoes or jazz dance sneakers.

Men's Dance Technique Class (1 hour class/1x per week) A men's classical ballet dance technique class. Please contact our office for information on our Dance Scholarship Program for gentlemen ages 13-21.

BattleMasters (Ages 13-17) Calling all Jedi, Ninja, Samurai, Pirates, and Musketeers! This is a unique program in weapons training using durable, safe Actionflex¬ģ padded weapons. Seeking to unlock the 'Hero Within', BattleMasters offers students a complete disciplined weapons training program. Come give it a try - for free - and discover how fun and challenging this class is! Want to know more? Click HERE for our BattleMasters FAQ!

Learn To Fence (LTF) (Ages 10-Adults) is where ALL new fencing students begin! It is a one-time introductory class for ages 10-99+, boys/girls, male/female. It is taught by Coach Thomas Knowles, National Fencing Finalist and Certified Professional Coach/Director. This 1.5 hrs long class introduces students to fencing history and presents sound foundational positions, instills proper movements, and begins teaching correct blade skills. LTF students also get to handle all of the equipment we use when fencing. Most fun of all, LTF students get a chance to Fence during their FIRST class! The purpose of this class is to answer most, if not all, questions that beginners have by introducing the basics of modern fencing and bringing it together by sparring at the end of the hour. By the end of the class, the student WILL KNOW if this is something they'd like to develop, train, and ultimately, compete in - as a personal sport hobby. For MORE information on this awesome opportunity - click here!

Fencing (Ages 13-17) Musketeers Fencing properly prepares the teenage fencing student with the knowledge, concepts, and experiences necessary to develop into seriously proficient competitors. Developing a deep understanding of the competitive fencing process is one of the major program goals. With that in mind, training encompasses serious fencing-oriented conditioning and stretching while progressively moving through exercises that instill coordination and balance management. Direct application of competitive fencing experiences will build endurance and stamina - all the while teaching an adaptive approach to tactics and game theory concepts. Musketeers will learn to create healthy self-analysis constructs in order to encourage meaningful learning from losses so that improvement becomes inevitable. Note: New teenage students must complete a Learn to Fence class prior to joining the Musketeers Fencing program.

Tigers Karate (ages 13-17) Our Karate class for beginning martial arts students ages 13-17 helps to develop self-defense, discipline, and confidence. Students will earn belt rankings as they progress through our syllabus.

Muay Thai (Ages 13-17) Our Muay Thai martial arts instruction provides a disciplined approach that offers excellent health benefits, strength, flexibility, combined with speed and agility. Muay Thai offers students self-defense skills and improves self confidence. Students will earn belt rankings they progress through their training. 

MOVES Acting & Modeling (Ages 13-17) Our personal development & modeling curriculum and coaching will help students obtain personal development skills including public speaking, posture, presentation, and personal confidence. We also develop skills for acting through preparation of acting curriculum, stage plays, TV commercial preparation. Students will practice cold-reading skills, how to prepare for auditions, script reading and video/camera work. During our season students will accomplish age appropriate comedic and dramatic monologues, create a basic modeling portfolio with professional quality shots and a fully develop a 30-second TV commercial which will be filmed and given to them on a digital sizzle reel.

Homeschool Fine Arts Class (Ages 13-17) (1 hour class/ 1x/week) Collierville Arts Academy is thrilled to be offering a homeschool fine arts class. Our fine arts curriculum will include drawing, painting, oil pastels, clay, mixed media, and art history throughout the season. Students learn color, value/hue, techniques of shading, highlighting, textures, applied pressure, and more to bring their drawing skills to a new level of sophistication. We will also work with watercolors, acrylics, oil paints, inks, and much more. Students will be invited to participate in our semi-annual fine arts Gallery Shows in November and April. All materials are provided.

Fine Arts Drawing (Ages 13-17) (1 hour class/1x/week) Our beginning fine arts drawing classes develop foundational sketching and drawing skills for young artists. Students will use a variety of simple objects and subjects to spark their creativity and imagination using traditional media such as pencil, charcoal, color pencils, etc. Students learn the techniques of shading, highlighting, textures, applied pressure, and more to bring a new level of sophistication to their artwork. Our will create many sketches and finished drawings on subjects that range from still life, landscapes and animals, people and more. Our Fine Arts students will be invited to participate in our semi-annual fine arts Gallery Shows in November and April. All materials are provided.

Fine Arts Painting (Ages 13-17)  (1 hour class/1x/week) Calling all painters! Our Beg. Painting Fine Arts Class offers students an opportunity to learn all about painting with watercolors, acrylics, oils, and more. Students will get to know the basics and explore many different techniques. Students learn about color values/hues, blending, paint consistency, brush styles, textures, shading, and much more! They will complete several finished paintings showcasing the skills learned in class. Students are invited to participate in our semi-annual student Fine Arts Gallery Show in November and April. All materials for the lessons are provided. 

Anime & Comics (ages 13-17) This is a layered drawing class combining the stylistic considerations of the anime-look with the story-telling techniques of comic framework. Want to work on your anime drawing skills or learn a different approach to developing a style? In this course, you will go through a process of reinforcing sketching skills, building detail to create unique characters, experimenting with inks, color markers, and more! Explore cartoon drawing techniques to better understand how to convey comic style or develop ideas for a character and storyline. You will use storyboard techniques to plan and develop a series of drawings that you'll sketch and complete with inks. All materials are provided.

Private Music Lessons (Ages 13-17) Please call our office at 901-861-7001 to arrange a complimentary interview with a music instructor. This interview allows you to meet with an instructor and to answer all the questions you may have about our private music lessons. We offer private instruction in piano, organ, keyboards, all style of acoustic and electric guitar, bass guitar, most band instruments, and vocal lessons.

The Grind 5:30AM (ages 16-adults/50 minute class)is the ultimate early morning workout that offers a complete full-body workout that has a different theme each day of the week such as a high intensity interval training workout, a functional fitness workout, metabolic training workout, and kickboxing for fat burn. Lose fat, tone your muscles, get firm, trim, and feel great with Coach Terry Johnson at The Grind Workout Monday-Friday.

Ultimate Fitness Workout (ages 18+) & (Seniors Age 55+) (45-minute class offered daily Mon-Fri) Our early morning fitness workouts are designed to be adaptable for all fitness levels and are led by experienced and certified professionals. Early morning workouts include a variety of exercises each week to keep the workouts fresh and exciting. We include proper full body warm ups, strengthening, flexibility, metabolic work for fat burn, H.I.T.T., pilates mat, free weights, ropes, and so much more! Come try the difference being a member of our fitness family will make in your accountability to your workouts and your fitness goals.

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