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General Fee & Policy Information

Our General Fee and Academy Policies are shown here for your convenience.  If you are a parent or student at CAA and you have any questions about any policies not shown here, please refer to your Academy Handbook for our complete policy information.

Registration Fee: The registration fee is paid annually and is $30 for an individual or $50 for family registration (two or more people from the same household). Registration fees are non-refundable for any reason.

Class Tuition:  Depending upon the class type (dance, martial arts, fitness, fine arts, music, acting etc) and how often you attend classes, etc. However, in general our tuition rates begin as low as $59 per month. We offer an unlimited classes package for $250 per month. We also offer generous discounts for multiple Family Members and when students take more than one class, they will receive Multi-Class Discounts.  

Family Member Discounts: (members of the same family) So you and your children can enjoy taking classes at the same studio at a great discount. For example - The first student (or whichever is enrolled at the highest amount) pays the full rate.  The 2nd student receives a 25% discount. The 3rd student receives a 35% discount. The 4th and subsequent students receive a generous 50% discount.

Multi-Class Discounts:  Our multi-class discounts offer between 35% - 50% off rates depending upon enrollment in our various classes.  Multi-class discounts are automatically built into our tuition structure and are based on the total amount of enrolled class time per week. The more classes the student is enrolled in, the larger the discount.. A member of our staff will be happy to assist you in determining your options for the best tuition package.

Monthly Installment Payments: Tuition may be paid in monthly installments for a total of 10 monthly installments. If you choose to pay by monthly installments you will be billed on the 25th of the month for the next upcoming month of classes. Monthly payments made after the 7th of the month will be considered late and subject to a late fee. For example: October tuition will be billed to your account on Sept. 25th and due by October 1st. After the 7th of October, the amount will be past due and subject to a late fee.

Full Season Payment Discount: Tuition may be paid for the entire season (August - May) and a 10% discount off the total of the entire season tuition will be given to those who pay for the season in full.

Partial Season Payment Discount - Tuition may be paid for half the season (Term I, Aug - Dec) and (Term II, Jan - May) When a full term is paid for in advance a 5% discount is given for the term. Payment must be received in August for Term I and January for Term II.

Withdrawal Policy - Should you decide to stop attending your classes during the season, you must fill out an Academy Withdrawal Form and submit this form along with your final monthly tuition installment to our office at least 30-days prior to your withdrawal.  This 30 day notice is to allow our office time to fill your open spot, notify your instructor of your withdrawal, and make accounting updates necessary to close out your account with our business office.  If you do not complete the Academy Withdrawal Form and submit it with your final installment, then your account charges will still by applied and will be sent to collections.

Class Cards:  10-session class cards are sold online and may be used towards any of our Open Level Classes. Attendance is tracked weekly and our online system will notify you when you have only two sessions left. Cards will expire within 60 days of purchase.

Drop-In Class Rate: Our Drop-In Class Rate is $20.

Referral Rewards:  If you refer a student to Collierville Arts Academy and they register/enroll for classes, you will receive a one-time credit for 10% off your next monthly tuition total installment payment.

Dress Codes & Equipment - Most all of our classes have some type of dress code that is purchased through our online shop accessed through your online account or in person at the Academy studios.  It is always best to meet with your instructor to confirm what you need for a specific class; however you can also view our Dress Code PDF forms below:

Dance Dress Code PDF

Dance Dress Code Information for
Children, Teens & Adults for all levels of dance training.

Click to the link for our required Collierville Arts Academy Dress Code information.  You may purchase your Dress Code required items from our online boutique or in person at the Academy.  Our knowledgable staff will be happy to assist you with proper fittings for foot wear too!

Fencing Equipment

Fencing Equipment Information for Children, Teens & Adults

After a student has completed our Learn to Fence Intro session and at least one month of regular lessons, they are ready to purchase their own set of gear. At that time, the Coach will advise you on what and how to purchase. Until then, CAA will provide basic fencing gear to new students from our armory. In the meantime, please click below to download an article about the gear fencers need.

Martial Arts Dress Code PDF

Martial Arts Class Uniform & Equipment Information for Children, Teens and Adults at all skill levels.

Click to the link for our required Collierville Arts Academy Dress Code information. You may purchase your required items from our online boutique or in person at the Academy. Please speak with your martial arts sensei (teacher) before making any martial arts uniform or equipment purchases. 

Fine Arts & Other Classes Equipment PDF

Information on equipment for fine arts classes, acting, modeling, and  our Short Courses offered during our regular Season.

Click the link below to view a PDF of our required dress code and or equipment needed for Fine Arts Classes, Acting/Modeling, and any Short Courses offered during the regular season.  Many of our fine arts classes have all the material costs included with the monthly tuition fee so you will not need to buy a lot of items for your classes.