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Martial Arts & Fencing Program Tournament Information

In-Studio Observation Days & Informal Studio Demonstration Dates:   Students in our martial arts and fencing programs will have at least one to two opportunities per term to demonstrate their skills and drills in our informal in-studio observation days. Invitations will be sent out via email and hard copy to the students and their families. Family and friends are always welcome to attend on these dates.

Martial Arts & Fencing Demonstration Days & Tournaments:
Students in our martial arts and fencing programs will be offered opportunities during each term to participate in public demonstration performances and tournaments. Depending upon the student’s level of skill and experience, these opportunities will have some fees involved in participation. Your instructor will give more detailed information regarding these opportunities during the term of instruction:

The Autumn Blades Open Fencing Tournament

The King’s Open Fencing Tournament

The Bluff City Open Fencing Tournament

Martial Arts Demonstration Day